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NANOMXCN Workshop on Nanosafety and Nanotoxicology (WNN-2018)


The enhanced and tailored properties exhibited by engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) enable them as excellent candidates in numerous applications. Although many benefits can be encountered by these ENMs, a sustainable production-use should always be followed to minimize potential, and still not well understood, risks associated with these materials. Numerous environmental regulation agencies are nowadays trying to implement reproducible protocols for the evaluation of the toxicity of these materials, however, many limitations are still encountered. Accordingly, numerous research groups work on the development of in-vitro or in-vivo strategies for the toxicity evaluation of these materials. The NANOMXCN Workshop on Nanosafety and Nanotechnology - 2018 will provide an international forum for close interaction between graduate students and prominent scientist interested in the development of joint collaborations and scientific exchanges to address these issues. The scientific discussions will focus on advanced strategies for the development of standardized and reproducible techniques for the evaluation of the biocompatibility and/or toxicity of ENMs.

Major topics for discussion

  • ENMs characterization
  • Mechanisms of nanotoxicity
  • Cell or animal-based models for nanotoxicity evaluation
  • Routes and potential effects of ENMs exposure
  • Occupational exposure to ENMs
  • ENMs in the environment
  • In vitro models used in ENMs toxicity testing
  • In vivo exposure models used in ENMs toxicity testing.


Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline: 01 Feb, 2018
Acceptance notification: 05 Feb, 2018
Workshop: 26 Feb -01 March, 2018

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